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About Us


I was working on the internet for several years but suddenly someone came and told me that I am wasting my time here because after laps of several years I had no specific introduction of my mine on the internet. On the suggestion of that, I have decided to make a site which can represent me on the internet.

From beginning to now I am fond of reading books and from last few years I have a huge collection of E-Books on my Computer. So I decided to work with these books which not only facilitate the general public but also satisfy me as I am doing all this as my hobby. Consequently, this site has been created.

Here I want to pay my special thanks to that friend who not even boost up my aims towards this site but also a helping hand in this work. For years I am a member of the Urdu Nama Forum. I have bunches of trust and dreams connected with having another site that permits me to do such a variety of things that I have needed to accomplish for so long then again haven't had the capability (or time) to do it fittingly. So firstly a special thank you to Urdu Nama Forum and its crew.

What's more, at last, thank you to one individual who is my rock. My friend Majid Chaudhry. He upholds me as I work each hour, gets exceptionally crotchety, and usually do a lot of over and over again. However, he is likewise there to back me and give me an enormous gesture of congratulations. He is the concealed and unsung hero and he gets the grandest much obliged.

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